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Handwriting has many educational and cognitive benefits.

Unlike typing or texting, handwriting activates regions of the brain responsible for thinking, memory and language.
It also helps to develop and strengthen fine motor skills and improves the composition and expression of ideas.

However, handwriting is disappearing from the classroom.
That’s why Domtar created these initiatives to help support and promote the benefits of handwriting. 

Domtar's Handwriting Initiatives

Want to participate in a PaperPal™ letter-writing program?  
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Handwriting Benefits Infographic

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Articles & Resources

The Wall Street Journal - “How Handwriting Trains the Brain”

The New York Times - “What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades”

Psychology Today - “Why Writing by Hand Could Make You Smarter”

9 Ways to stay smart

Handwriting and your health

What can you do
to protect handwriting?

Talk to your child’s teacher and ask about handwriting

Meet with the principal and voice concerns

Bring it up at the PTA meeting

Give your child handwriting exercises at home

Start a petition

Write your congressman

Take to social media and voice your concerns