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Paper has value. It’s sustainable, personal and purposeful — and the more we know about it, the more we can understand how to make smart choices about when and how to use it. Choose an article in our Knowledge Center, and read on to learn more about how paper plays a role in forest protection, recycling, learning, preserving financial records — even finding a job. You may just find paper does more than you think.

Paper Because

No matter what color ink is printed on it, EarthChoice® paper is always green.

Domtar EarthChoice® is the largest family of environmentally responsible papers ever assembled.

But it’s more than just a product line. It includes a range of papers certified to the highest standard for responsible forest management in the world and designed for all kinds of end uses – from business and publishing to design and printing.

This makes EarthChoice an ideal end-to-end solution for companies looking for products that reflect their environmental and social values – and declare their commitment to sustainability for the entire world to see. But what is it, exactly, that makes these products so “green”?

First, the EarthChoice family contains papers that are certified to the standard of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®), meaning that the virgin fiber used to make them is harvested from responsibly managed forests. Sustainable management practices are one of the keys to safeguarding the future of the world’s forests and one of the foundations of Domtar’s business approach. Domtar is committed to responsible fiber procurement, continuously increasing the amount of FSC certified fiber we use every year.

The amount of certified fiber Domtar purchased has increased to 28% from 13% just several years ago.1  But our commitment to a responsible chain of custody (i.e. the path a product takes from raw material to final product) goes beyond the forest and all the way into our mills, converting centers and distribution network. Indeed, all of our facilities hold FSC Chain of Custody certification, which means that even though we don’t use only certified virgin fiber in all our papers, we still comply with the requirements of the FSC’s Controlled Wood standard for ethical harvesting.

The second reason EarthChoice papers are so “green” is that, in addition to being made using FSC-certified virgin fiber, some of them also contain recycled fiber. In fact, Domtar used over 150 million lbs of post-consumer fiber in our products in 2011. We’re pleased to offer our customers this added environmental factor in many of our products.

At the manufacturing level, modern papermaking practices ensure that no part of the wood harvested goes to waste. What isn’t used in actual paper production is transformed into energy that fuels the process. Domtar, for example, is 75% energy self-sufficient thanks to co-generation facilities at most of its facilities that use renewable fuels like spent cooking liquor and bark (aka biomass) to produce steam and electricity used by its mills.2

Finally, all FSC certified EarthChoice papers are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ . Domtar is also pleased to make an annual contribution of $350,000 to WWF from the sale of EarthChoice products to support global conservation efforts.

These products are a reflection on the people and businesses that use them because they embody their corporate commitment to the environment and sustainability. They are designed to not only conserve the Earth’s precious resources – but also to preserve a company’s most valuable assets: their brand, their identity and their reputation.

If you want to put it on paper, choose Domtar EarthChoice!

1    2010 Sustainable Growth Status Report, Domtar
2    2009 Sustainable Growth Report, Domtar

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